Flower Blossoms

At Slavic Essence we provide a platform for artists to bring to life Slavic culture and wisdom. 

As conscious entrepreneurs we are proud and honored to work with some of the most talented artists from the Slavic world, and encourage them to unearth the forgotten and ancient motifs of our ancestors, while developing their own unique twist and innovation. 

As sustainable entrepreneurs we look to honor and reward the intellectual property of each and every artist we work with. Which is why we make sure that our artists get 25% of the profit, on all the goods sold with their designs made exclusively for Slavic Essence.


We Nourish Slavic Culture by Supporting Local Artists 


Grafic Artist 

Veronika Fodorova

My artwork reflects my passion for creating art that is pleasing to other souls. I find inspiration in life itself and believe there is profound beauty in subtleties. The power of colors and symbols is the base of my artworks.

I am also proud and curious about my Slavic heritage and create art that celebrates the Slavic gods and goddesses that so speak to me.