This handmade suspender and bow tie set is the ideal gift for yourself, or a loved one! The Y-shaped suspender straps are finished with rubber and reinforced with genuine leather, alongside an exclusive bow tie.


The suspenders can be precisely adjusted by means of a shortener. And unlike straps made of ribbon, our suspenders are elastic and therefore better adapted for movement and much more durable in general. 


The bow tie is a single-leaf, adjustable with a slider and finished with a plastic switch. It is made of cotton in combination with costume ribbon. The bow tie is double reinforced and holds its shape very nicely.


Straps: width: 4 cm, length: back. dimensions (standard maximum length approx. 130cm)

Bow tie: width: 6.5 cm, length: 13 cm, loop length: back. dimensions (standard maximum length approx. 50cm)

Material: 100% cotton, rubber, jewelry metal

Method of production: handmade using manual sewing, machine sewing

Handmade Folklore Suspender & Bow Tie Set for Men